For more information or to find out how iRewards can change your customers' behaviour, increase sales and profitability, please contact:
Bill O'Brien
Managing Partner

Favourite Colour

Favourite Commercial
Hamlet'Photo Booth

Favourite Time of year
Nick Tomlin
Creative Partner

Favourite Colour

Favourite Album
Aja - Steely Dan

Favourite Commercial
Volkswagen - Snowplough
Steve Dann
Partner & AR Pioneer

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour

Favourite Chinese Dish
Duck Pancakes

Favourite Movie
Touch of Evil

Favourite Animal
Polar Bear
Matt Leatherbarrow
Partner & Creative Digital Planner

Favourite Part of the world

Favourite APP

Favourite Smell
Geoffrey Bean
Creative Partner

Favourite Chinese dish
Kung Po Chicken

Favourite Slogan
Deeds not words

Favourite Label
Chateau Gruaud Larose
The iRewards team brings together people with a wealth of experience and key skills in the areas of brand development, retail & leisure marketing, digital expertise, software development and business insight.